Посуда и аксессуары BergHOFF

Now Everyone Enjoys an Outdoor Dinner

A summer and party classic!
Picture the scene: a crowd of happy people having a drink, enjoying nicely grilled ribs or steaks. Everybody's laughing. And then there's the grill master, slightly apart from the crowd, now and then sipping from his drink and making sure the food is grilled to perfection. There's always someone left out...
Our brand - BergHOFF

Thanks to the Social Grill...

... guests gather at the table to participate in a real social happening with the stylish grill as a centerpiece. Each guests is able to grill their own food exactly how they like it – and all while chatting away around the Social Grill!

And it takes you to places you've never barbecued before

To make it even more versatile, our grill is the absolute outdoor companion: take it to the beach, to a picnic spot, on a boat… The convenient carrying strap holds all the elements in place allowing to take the grill to any outdoor location. Set up in no time and ready for grilling in an instant thanks to the adjustable airflow.

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